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Perfect Fall Day in Iowa....

Is it just me who is addicted to Pumpkin anything??

Here's a little peek at next week's blog - Pumpkin Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting.......I have been working on tweaking ideas for Halloween parties coming soon. A version of this one I hope will be the end result so ......I hope you will come back next week to find out!!!

This weekend was a perfect day for a roadtrip....65 degrees and sunny! The next question was where to about SE Iowa?? Yeah, when I thought if that I had friends say "what in the world is in SE Iowa??" My answer - Who Cares!...Let's just go for a drive!!! And I am glad I did.

Have you been?

The first stop was the entire reason for this trip. Last Christmas, a stranger at the Minneapolis Airport told me about an amazing General Store in SE Iowa. So this weekend I was finally able to venture that direction and I am glad I did. Dutchman's is a Old General Store the length of the city's main street (which is 1 block long). It was an amazing store and worth the several hour drive.

The only way to buy Flour

The store is divided into three areas - fabric and sewing, clothing and food. While I am not talented in sewing, I could imagine this area (several rows long and full of fabric) to be a dream for someone who is. The next section in the building contains clothing, shoes, school supplies, etc. I have to be honest, I skipped this part since I was so excited to get to the food section.

All I can say about the food section, I had been waiting for this point all day. My friend jokingly told me I couldn't look into the next aisles since I kept getting even more excited. While wandering, it was so much fun to find great deals on produce...(ex: apples for $.49 a lb...yes 49...) then Rada knives......(It is so great to be able to locate knives worth purchasing but at prices that are reasonable.) ....on and on it went.

Moving on to the next aisle, I was in heaven. This aisle is the entire reason for me to make the trip. It was the bulk spices, fruit and flour section. I immediately scoured over all of the flours available - all-purpose, soy, pie, wheat, almond, etc. How do you choose??? I ended up with a bag that contained over 12 lbs of flour....(yes, I said 12....and you dont want to know how quickly I will use it all). And then I was able to pick up a bag of Oatmeal (all 7 lbs.) ...which reading this blog you know is my favorite...So now you know why it is heaven!! I could go on and on but let's just say I actually had to behave at the end or I would have bought everything.

I hope your weekend was as great as mine. If you find yourself in SE Iowa, be sure to take your time and venture down a back may never know what you will find!! I hope you find time to enjoy life's little adventure!!! Take a moment and just sit back and relax.....

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