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New England...

Isn't everything in New England fun??

Several years ago, a longtime friend and I took a little trip to New England. One reason for the trip was for me to create one last memory at the family home (which has since been sold) and two for my friend to see this wonderful part of the country. Since this is a baking blog...I do have tell you the best Apple pie I have ever had was on this trip.

Yes that is a Moose in the crust!

We were wandering around back roads somewhere between New Hampshire and Maine and came across a little roadside stand with pies for sale. In this stand, the pies were for sale by the slice or whole, jams/jellies and of course plastic silverware...with only a box to leave your money!!

We, of course, stopped the car in the middle of the road and backed up....there was no way we were missing this! And boy were we thankful we did...that was the best pie we had ever had. Unfortunately, my friend and I will never remember what road we were on to ever find that little shack again.

Moral of the story......if you see a small shack selling baked goods in New England by the honor sure to stop and enjoy yourself. (and e-mail me if you know which road it is Life goes by way to quickly to not find simple enjoyments along the roadside.

UPDATE: I was able to locate the Bakery - Puzzle Mountain Bakery. If you are ever near Newry, Maine you need to stop by!!!

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