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Do you dream? I love dreaming.....

Waking up every morning for me and realizing I dreamed means I slept well!!! YES! Seems like as adults getting a good nights sleep is hard to come by or is it just me?

There are so many life lessons I have learned through dreaming. It has taught me to listen to my subconscious and work out issues in my life or reminded me why I love my life! It has made me realized what I like about myself and what more I want to be. It helps me make decisions about life and reminds me of others I have made either right or wrong. Am I the only one who appreciates dreams? Some friends say they dont remember what they dream about. I can't even imagine.

Years ago, I wanted to figure out how to remember them so I created a morning ritual to do so. It is said a dream needs to be remembered within those first few seconds of waking. So I taught myself to take those first few seconds every morning to remember. These few moments also allow me to take a breathe and think about life. To appreciate what is and to get excited about what I can do tomorrow. 

Have you ever had those mornings where you wonder what in the world the dream means?! Some dreams, I can tell it is based on what I had for dinner, work stress or even a good movie. Well this morning, I woke up to a dream where I ate a large amount of sugary sweets. So many sweets I thought I was sick....Yes......I know as a would think I would have this dream more often but this was a first for me. Who knows why or where the thought even came from?! But it made me wake up to a good laugh.

As a big surprise to those reading, I actually dont keep many sweets in my house (I pass them along to others who enjoy them much more than I as quickly as possible.) So to wake up from a dream where I consumed a large amount what quite hilarious. But I can say I was soooo relieved to know I didn't have to suffer the sugar overload that sad that I am happy about that?!! LOL

Without even eating sugar, I had my fill for the day and no interest in sugar for probably the next week!!! LOL  Maybe it was my subconscious thinking about today's blog..What better way to think up a new sweet Caramel Oat dreaming. So I wish you a great sugar rush and a wonderful night of dreaming!!

Caramel Oat Bars (3 WAYS)

1/2 C Unsalted Butter, melted

1 C Brown Sugar, packed

1 Tsp Vanilla

2 C Oats

1 Tsp Baking Powder

Melt butter in microwave. In a separate bowl, combine butter and brown sugar until mixed. Add in oats, vanilla and baking powder. Note: Make sure to coat oats completely or bars will not stick together. 

Press onto a greased 9 x 13 inch cookie sheet. Bake at 400 degrees until melted together and lightly brown, about 12 minutes. Note: Do not cut until almost cool. Bars will fall apart if cut too warm. 


Cranberry Pecan Oat Bars

Add 1/4 C Dried Cranberries and 1/4 C Pecans, chopped

Chocolate Chip Oat Bars

Add 1/2 C Chocolate Chips, chopped

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