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April Showers...

Anyone else excited we are finally to Spring?

It seemed like this Winter lasted forever. I think it allows me to realize how much I love Spring. Open Windows, outdoor runs and Patios! Finally being able to get out of the house and spend time with those closest to me.

Being Easter Weekend! It is a nice reminder of what is important in life. Being true to yourself and being surrounded with friends and family. I am grateful to have people who support me on a regular basis whether is it with my baking or something else.

I was excited this week to develop a cake for an Easter Dinner! Some raspberries, almonds and of course a few bunnies thrown in for good measure. I loved the outcome - Raspberry Cream Almond Cake!

Don't bunnies always make things so much better?

Wishing you a wonderful Easter weekend with those closest to you!!!

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