Tuesday, November 6, 2012

November….It's a NEW Month!!!

Have you ever hit a moment in life when you knew things would be different?!

This exact moment occurred to me recently. Several things in my life came to an end and I realize it is best to move on to the next chapter. Am I sad to see these things leave? Yes and No. While missing the known is the easy answer, the excitement for possibilities need to take its place.

There are times in our lives we come to accept what we have. Is it easier to just be and accept less than what we are worth?! I have friends who I watch go through experiences and then complain about the results they receive. Why do individuals do this?! They know what the outcome will be….will the second or third time be any different?

I have come to the realization this is their lives and if this is the cycle of life for them I wish them the best. I am an individual who wants to support those closest to me and hope everyone is happy and loving life. Now I realize sometimes loving those individuals means letting go. Wish them the best and move forward on life's path. Becoming emotionally drained from those around me doesn't allow me to have the best life I deserve….and now I hope I have learned this life lesson!

So to start a new month..I decided to venture into the kitchen today and create a dessert with NO recipe. I am happy to say I survived and I am pretty pleased. (Let's hope the coworkers think the same tomorrow)

Today I offer  Caramel Apple Crisp Bites and Apple, Raisin, Ginger Crisp Bites.

As I said, I unfortunately do not have recipes for these. Today I chose to step out of my box and just be.  Follow my instincts is what this month has taught me. Be true to myself and move past those who are unable to grow with me. Love them but they will grow in their own time if they chose to grow. So whether it is in the kitchen or with life…it has to be done!

So I wish you joy, peace and hope you live the life you want to have.

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