Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween Revealed!!

What did you dress as?

FINALLY….Costume revealed……Cemetery Stone Angel!!!!

I am happy to tell you I won 1st at the Neighborhood party. I am very grateful for everyone who supported me in this effort. And now you know why I disappeared from baking for awhile. 

For those who have asked….This costume took me over a month to develop.  The supplies included a bolt of tulle, yarn, glue, tights and several cans of texture spray paint. I have never actually created a costume before…I am always the individual who throws something together the day of. So this year things were going to be different. (That and the fact my neighbors had given me a hard time in the past for the last minute ideas)

What was your most challenging costume ever? 

Well….that was fun..now back to baking!

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