Saturday, October 27, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!

This has been my life for the last month…..

I apologize to those who follow this blog….I have been missing for awhile. While I hope you will all understand my efforts were transferred in an attempt to accomplish a halloween costume for my neighborhood party.  And this is THE neighborhood party!!!

For those who know me….I am creative with baking not so much with sewing. But I can say after 4 weeks I tackled this costume…and am debuting it this weekend…so I will have to share once complete.  Let's just say it is the hardest costume I have ever made in my life. I think I spent 4 days sewing…literally 4 days…..and even more hours painting, glueing, etc.

After all of this excitement, I also was able to make a cake for a neighbor's home…..I will be debuting it in the next week as well. I am it was a British recipe I have been wanting to try for quite awhile but hadn't tackled the conversions….so soon to come...Caramel and Chocolate…yum!

I hope your patience with me will be well worth it when this night is complete and I can share with you all of my efforts. Any who knows…..maybe I will win!! (Dreaming…but wouldn't that be fun!) I wish a wonderful weekend and Happy Halloween!!!

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