Saturday, March 10, 2012

What has been your Biggest Challenge lately?????

This is mine......

For those of you following my post yesterday.......

         Tomorrow's party dessert.......12 layers = coffee buttercream, bittersweet chocolate buttercream,    
         2 spongecake layers, 2 hazelnut meringue layers, 2 souffle layers, 12 eggs and 6 sticks of
         butter.....and 30 minutes whipping the buttercream........even I am saying WOW on this one!!!!
         Let's hope it works!!!!

I am happy to provide you with the above photo of the final product - Twelve Layer Mocha Cake.

Can I just say this has to be my HARDEST endeavor to date!!!! The amount of time, detail and patience this recipe needs is shocking..(the meringue buttercream takes over thirty minutes just to whip)..but as those who know me know I love being able to conquer a challenging recipe and check it off my list!

This may not become a regular recipe for me but I am happy to have it as an option for special occasions.  Plus, the fact the recipe takes a dozen eggs, six sticks of butter, coffee and chocolate, no one should eat this on a regular basis.....ha ha!

So what have you ever challenged yourself with in life? (not necessarily...baking)

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